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Masaaki is an artist, entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He is a committee member of the Asian Art Association. As an artist, he has created one of the world's largest artworks (1926 sq meters) and has held over 50 exhibitions and projects in seven countries. Collaborating with María Lafuente, he has participated in Madrid Fashion Weeks for three consecutive times. Also, his innovative AI artwork has been recognised globally and featured by Forbes Japan and YOROKOBU.


In addition to his artistic endeavors, Masaaki has a background in finance and international business and previously worked as an investment strategist at Daiwa Capital Markets in Japan, and a business strategist for Erretres, one of the best branding agencies in Spain, and ECOALF, a leading sustainable fashion brand, to develop their business in Japan. Currently, he serves as a director of EKO Instruments, a globally recognized brand for solar sensors.

With more than 20 years of athletic experience, Masaaki holds the title of the national champion of ADCC Spain 2021, a prestigious grappling competition, and the title of the national champion of All-Japan Taekwon-do U18 in 2006. Besides, he also has experience as a professional MMA fighter.

As a speaker, he has been featured twice in the Thinking Heads "Top 100 Speakers in Spain" and IE Business School "IE Knowledge." Having a strong passion for education, Masaaki has been invited by more than 15 universities to empower students. Furthermore, his online course boasts over 11,000 students from more than 140 countries.

He has authored four books on creativity and supervised two books on innovation.

Global recognition 

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