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Souzou is a method to make your ideas happen that consists of "mind," "strategy," and "design action." This unique combination lets you boost your imagination and connect dots differently. 


Sí, Eres Creativo

Everybody can be more creative than they think. This book shares techniques to boost your creativity. 

Si eres creativo.jpg

Renaissance of Renaissance Thinking (supervise)

In the 21st century, a lot of innovations come from art and design. The book teaches you why business leaders today need art.



Have Courage To Doubt Your Beliefs 

The first step to unleash your creativity and potential is to doubt what you believe. The book teaches you how to remove your limits in your thoughts by having the courage to doubt your beliefs. 


Creativity Is Dead: New Paradigm Of Creativity

We need a paradigm shift in creativity. It is not a solution nor talent but a an attitude toward your life.


Masaaki was invited by Caixa Bank, one of the major banks in Spain, to share his thoughts on Caixa Talk 

Power of Imagination: How to Activate the Imagination to Solve Business Problems

The power of imagination can not be overestimated. The best minds of mankind told that each invention began with an idea that arose in their head.

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